Jute is a natural fibre. It is bio-degradeable and environment friendly.
The 100% natural fiber jute has found popularity not just in the handicrafts sector but also in the industrial market. Jute is being used to make Industrial goods. Spacious and eco-friendly, Traditional products are used for different purposes.
Plain Hessian bags are totally bio-degradable and easily blend with the environment.
Sacking bags are mainly used to pack food grains, sugar and cement.
Eco-friendly and bio-degradable, these bags are safely processed with vegetable oil.
Jute Felt is being increasingly used as an industrial good, especially for insulation.
Jute webbing is a strong, narrow, closely woven fabric used especially for seat belts and harnesses or in upholstery.
Hessian cloth is generally used for packing or wrapping materials for agricultural products such as wool, cotton and tobacco and also in the upholstery industry.
Jute Geo-textiles are flexible, foldable, not very biodegradable, and water-resistant in nature, particularly suitable for rain-fed, flood-prone climatic conditions.
Jute yarn, available in different colors and compositions, is used in weaving, knitting, manufacturing sewing thread etc.
Carpet Backing Cloth is mainly used and is in great demand in the carpet industry.
It is a plain weave fabric of fine quality, which is relatively inexpensive compared with canvas made from other fibers.
Jute Hessian bags are used for packing of a variety of commodities viz. Food & Grains, Potatoes, Onions, Sugar, Tobacco, Coffee, Cocoa, Peanut, Sand, Cement etc. These bags are tailored so as to hold goods upto 100 kgs of weight.

These are special type of Jute Bags that are made out of Jute Hessian cloth, stitched spirally in form of tubes. These bags have extensive uses in cotton packing.
These special type of Jute Bags have six sides and are manufactured in various sizes and weights, as per buyer's specifications.

Bags made from hessian or sacking cloth with handles, straps, chains in different shapes and dimensions. These can be easily carried in hand for marketing. Bags may be grey, bleached, dyed, printed and also may be polylined.
These are sample bags sent to customers for promoting its use.
A-Twill B-Twill L-Twill
D.W. Flour D.W. Salt D. W. Nitrates
Heavy Cees Light Cees Sydney Woolpacks
Australian Woolpacks Australian Cornsacks New Zealand Cornsacks
New Zealand Woolpacks Fine Twill Cloth Cement Bags
Safest packaging material for agro-based products, Hydrocarbon free Jute Bags are being increasingly used in place of regular jute bags. Hydrocarbon free bags are actually Sacking Bags that have been guarded against any contamination of hydrocarbons. Such bags are also free from any kerosene smell and hence are specifically used for packing sugar, coffee, cocoa, rice, potato, onions, peanuts, cotton, wool, etc. These bags are made from jute, treated with vegetable oil.

Hydrocarbon-free food grade bags are totally safe for storing edibles. Eco-friendly and bio-degradable, these bags are safely processed with vegetable oil. Manufacturers and exporters ensure that their bags meet international standards of quality.
Features of Hydrocarbon Free Jute Bags -
# The ingredients used as batching oils are non-toxic and approved for use in packaging materials that come in contact with food materials and do not contain compounds that could produce off-flavors or off-tastes in food materials packed in jute bags.

# No undesirable odors or odors untypical of jute is present. No unacceptable odor develops after artificial ageing of the bags.
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